Associated Protective Solutions recognize that the security of corporate and business property requires special methods of service, and are very aware of the vigilance that is required.

A security assessment of the property can be conducted, where we will carry out an in-depth survey to identify key areas and weaknesses, FREE OF CHARGE.

We can supply and manage in house security personnel to secure the property on a 24 hour basis, controlling access, deliveries, cctv systems and liaise with the local police, emergency and maintenance services to safeguard the property in relation to every aspect regarding security.

Our aim, is to provide a first class service whilst maintaining a realistic approach towards cost, as we realize the importance of the service charge impact upon the client.

All security personnel assigned will exhibit a high degree of discipline with an unquestioned adherence to company / assignment directives. We will of course, in consultation with the client, formulate a full set of assignment instructions and directives, to maximize security at all times.

With regard to residential property security, when clients wish to leave their properties to travel, whether they are individuals or families, our personnel can secure that property on a patrol system or on a 24 hour on site basis. This is especially crucial when the property contains expensive assets or access needs to be granted to personnel or contractors during the owners leave.

We can if desired, liaise directly with the client or their agents to secure a property awaiting new tenants or buyers, this is acutely poignant with the threat of squatters or those who wish to inflict damage.